Top Make-up Essentials

Every great masterpiece starts with the right tools. This applies to make-up too. Good products are easier to use and give a superior effect. Great make-up can improve your mood and boost your confidence.  But that’s never going to happen with inferior products that just don’t make the grade. So here are my top make up products to help you feel and look fabulous.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation 30ml

This delightful foundation is designed for normal to oily skin. It creates a matte finish as it has blurring micro powders that refine pores and absorb shine. This is not a thick or heavy foundation. It gives medium coverage so can be used for both day time and evening looks. This product applies beautifully and is easy to blend for a seamless look. You can use a foundation brush, sponge or simply your fingers to apply it. The Maybelline range is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Always set any liquid foundation with a powder. This is without a doubt my favourite foundation. It gives a more natural look rather than a caked on effect which some thicker foundations can give. This foundation is just £6.99 from Boots.

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Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder

This fabulous powder contains no oils or waxes and give a superior natural finish. It comes in a variety of colours to match a range of skin tones. Apply this powder with a brush patting it onto your face to set your foundation. Then finish by sweeping the brush lightly across your face to remove an excess powder. This matte powder is just £3.99.

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Revlon ColorStay Concealer

This luxurious concealer can last for up to 24 hours. Because it’s a liquid it dries and is not greasy like balm type concealers. It can be used to cover dark circles, spots and blemishes. It can also be used for face contouring. Applying it straight from the applicator can mean too much product it used. when covering blemishes I suggest using a very fine brush such as the ones used for nail art to apply it to give a more subtle coverage. Then lightly pat with your finger to blend before applying pressed powder foundation to set. I love this concealer.There is no blemish that it cannot cover and it always brightens up my tired eyes. It is just £6.99.

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Kco Eyebrow Powders & Stencils

This fabulous brow powder and stencil set is a must have make-up essential. It features 4 colours which can be used alone or mixed, a brush, two stencils and a mirror. It contains high pigmented powders so a little bit goes a very long way. Which means that you can create the perfect defined brow in just seconds saving you tons of time. Gone are the days when you have to grind the colour into your brows. It’s waterproof so it won’t come off until you use make-up remover. Brow powders are incredibly versatile. They can be used to create a natural or dramatic effect simply by applying more powder. Eyebrow stencils come in various shapes and sizes so always check that a kit comes with the right shape stencils for you. This kit features more rounded shape stencils. For a good quality stencil kit you will normally pay between £25 and £35. It sounds a lot but they last for years. I had a brow set which contained just one powder and it lasted for 3 years. So there great value for money. This amazing set is £24.99 from K Co.

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Maybelline 24 Karat Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

This exquisite palette consists of 12 matte and shimmery colours. It has a colour for every occasion from soft shimmery pinks to dramatic matte brown. You can create a variety of day time and evening looks with this one simple palette. These colours last all day. The eye shadows deliver a strong burst of colour and the shimmer creates a beautiful effect. It blends effortlessly for a sophisticated finish. A good tip for blending the edges of eye shadow is to use a clean cotton bud. This palette is available from Boots for £11.99.

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Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Black

As the name suggests this splendid eyeliner allows you to precisely create as thin or as thick a line as you want. It does not swamp you with product as it delivers a controlled steady supply of high concentrated liquid. It can be used to create a bold statement look or applied just in the lash line for a more natural effect. Because this eyeliner is designed as a felt tip pen then it means there is no messy brush to clean after every use or tricky pencil to sharpen. It stays put all day and won’t budge until it’s time to remove your make up. Making it a trusted favourite of mine. I have been using Maybelline eyeliners for years and they have never let me down yet. This product is available at boots for £5.99.

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No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

This impressive mascara delivers incredible results. It’s non clumping formula and precise brush evenly coats and lifts lashes to give a knock out fuller look. Lashes feel natural and not swamped with product. It’s light formula also means it is versatile enough to use for both day and evening make-up.  It comes in an mesmerising glittery tube. A pretty edition to any make up bag. It is available at Boots for £13.50.

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Rimmel Natural Bronzer

This is a totally matte product so if you don’t want a face full of glitter then this is the bronzer for you. You can subtly build up colour for a natural or dramatic look. It blends effortlessly and is a pleasure to use. If you are looking for a more shimmery bronzer then Rimmel also do a Sunshimmer version. It’s a waterproof product which gives it extra staying power. Use it for a sun kissed look or to shade areas of your face. It costs a reasonable £5.99.

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MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Iridescent Gold

This glamorous highlighter contains a creamy colour base and a gold shimmer. This means it can be used for a more subtle effect. Most highlighters contain white or silver shimmer which gives a more fake look. It accentuates your features and can be used on the cheek bones, t-zone, underneath the brow, nose, chin and jawline. Perfect for making your make-up pop. This strong powder can be applied sparingly for day make up or more heavily for a night time look. It comes in 4 shades which include Peach Diamond, Pink Shimmer, Pearlescent Sheen and Iridescent gold. It costs a mere £3 and is a pretty descent size.

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Carmex Tube – Cherry

Before you start your make-up you should always prep your lips by applying a lip balm. This Carmex lip balm hydrates your lips super fast. So by the time you have finished the rest of your make up your lips should be perfectly prepped for that killer pout. Which is even more important if you are going to be using a matte lipstick as these dry out your lips. It’s crucial that you start with a smooth hydrated base before you apply any lip products. Only a little bit is needed. If you still have a thick layer of balm on your lips then gently remove it with your finger or a tissue. Do not use a wet wipe as this will dry your lips out. Your lip liner and lipstick will now glide on effortlessly. This Carmex Tube costs £2.69 from Boots.

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Revlon ColorStay Lipliner

This impressive lip liner is a must for any lipstick lover. It has a more lipstick like texture than a traditional pencil lip liner and there is no need for messy sharpening as you simply twist for more. A lip liners purpose is to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and help it last longer. Apply to the outside edges of your lips to create your desired shape then apply all over the lip. This will help your your lipstick last all day. Apply a light coat of lipstick then neaten up the edges with the lip liner and then apply a last coat of lipstick before blotting for the perfect pout. It come in a variety of colours. It’s usually £6.29 but is currently on offer at Boots for just £4.29.

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Bourjois Rouge Velvert Lipstick

This breath taking lipstick will put a spring in your step. It comes in a wide range of colours from enchanting pinks to the most amazing sensual red I have ever had the pleasure of using. It applies with a creamy/smooth texture and dries to give a matte effect. The advantage of this matte lipstick is you won’t end up with lipstick on your teeth once it’s dry. With the use of a lip liner underneath it means you can eat or drink and you will still have a perfect pout. Definitely a excellent choice for those of you who do not want to keep reapplying your lipstick. It’s available at Boots for £8.99.

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You don’t need to break the bank to get a red carpet or catwalk look. You can look and feel fabulous on a budget. it’s just about knowing what to buy. Hopefully this post will inspire you to try out some new products and have fun with your make-up.

Miss Ruby Hearts

I have written this as part of my new blog. I have written out of genuine interest and at the time of writing have never received any form of payment or incentive to write about or on behalf of any of the brands referred to in this post.

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